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Entrepreneur Immy Tariq has been at the forefront of Search Engine Optimization practices for more than a NUMBER of years. A well-respected, recognized expert in his field—and bestselling author—Tariq has been featured in several major publications.

Immy is generous, ambitious and fun. I'm glad to have gotten to know him this year. He is constantly leveling up and always willing to help out others with no expectation in return. I'm excited to see the positive difference he will continue to make in the world.

Lewis Goldstein


Immy has been extremely generous with sharing his knowledge without expectation of any commitment. He has guided me through the difficult maze of the online realm with ease and more so than the vast majority of consultants that charge high fees without revealing any (failing) strategies first. I can't say anything more positive about Immy other than use his service.

Dr. Ryan Brandy

Owner and Physician

I've been studying under Imran and he is very knowledgeable on how to best use Instagram to engage with prospects and get them to spend more with me. That helped increase my sales and build customer loyalty. He is a genuine and cares about your results. I highly recommend any business to work with Imran.

Tony Nguyen

Computer Science Student

published in 2017


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Callum Davies

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Tony Nguyen

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"My work schedule completely burned me out and nearly ruined my marriage. Here’s how you can run a successful company and not be miserable doing it."

"Writing a book can help your business: 5 ways that prove it"

No more Maybe the fact that writing a book is not the first things you think of when you're looking for ways to grow your business , but in today 's market, it is an option worth exploring it.buffering – create, style and enjoy. Our user interface was built on React – the most efficient JavaScript library.

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